About us

EastPack started in 1964 by William Gold with the Goal of Achieving Coordinated Packaging for all retailers. Entering our 49th year EastPack has delivered quality packaging for six decades!

EastPack has been in the retail and promotional packaging industry for 50 years, specializing in quality packaging for independent retailers, promotional distributors and food service accounts as well as multi-store national and international operations.

Founded in 1964 by William Gold, the company is now owned by his son Jeffrey Gold.

Corporate headquarters are in Hicksville, New York with warehouses and distribution centers in New York, New Jersey, Montreal, Toronto, California, Chicago, Boston, Kentucky, Israel, China and Hong Kong.

In addition, EastPack ships worldwide from Europe, China, Hong Kong, Israel. What separates us from the pack is our ability to coordinate your packaging from design to implementation to distribution.

Our reputation for Service, Quality and for Price has resulted in retail operations, promotional accounts and food service operations of every type seeking us out as a dependable resource and partner for a long term business relationship.

Our founder always sold on a handshake telling all potential clients, Try Us, you will be very Happy you did!

Mission Statement:


Our total Dedication to Service!

To work at EastPack one must have a strong knowledge of the product lines and must be able put the customer first and foremost! Words passed down from our founder still ring ture for each and everyone of us at EastPack. That is to do the Right Thing, Not the Easy Thing!

At EastPack, we try to create value and make a difference everywhere we go and with everyone we come in contact with.

Our entire team comes to work knowing it is a great place to be, where everyone is inspired to be the very best they can be!

We are constantly nurturing a winning network of distributors and suppliers, together we create a mutual enduring value to all our clients.

Quality: Whatever we produce we do it well!

Leadership: We have the courage at EastPack to try and shape new products for a better future. Our goals are to be environmentally aware and help preserve this beautiful planet for many generations that will follow us!

Accountability: If it is to be, it’s up to me!

We strongly believe if we do our job the way we are supposed to do it, the highest form of compliment anyone can pay us is a Referral!